Online Courses

Positive Behavior Support

Positive Behavior Support is a course designed to help Direct Support Professionals understand behavior, the function and stages of different behaviors and positive approaches for supporting individuals dealing with challenging behavior.

  • Section One - Introduction
    • Identify the principles of Positive Behavior Support
  • Section Two – Understanding Behavior
    • Define behavior
    • Identify reasons to influence behavior
    • Identify the components of the behavioral model
    • Apply proactive and reactive strategies
  • Section Three – The Toolbox
    • Functional Behavior Assessment
    • Positive interventions

Habilitation Level 1 (Skill Building and the ISP Process)

Habilitation Level 1 takes direct support professionals through an introduction to the Arizona based Department of Economic Securities Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD). This course provides practical training for providing habilitation and development appropriate goals and outcomes and the ISP process.

  • Be oriented to the Mission Vision and Values of DES/DDD
  • Know the basic purpose and components of an ISP
  • Identify the cycle of assessment, development, implementation and review and update of an ISP
  • Identify the primary members of an ISP team
  • Explain your role in the ISP
  • Identify and effective outcome statement
  • Identify and describe a variety of teaching techniques
  • Become familiar with data collection
  • Demonstrate summarizing data
  • Explain the purpose of monthly progress reports
  • Meet DES/DDD requirements
  • Be oriented to the basics of understanding behavior

Incident Reporting

This is an overview of Incident Reporting best practices for Providers and Agencies contracted with AZ DES/DDD.

  • Incident Reporting R6-6-809.B
  • Identify the purpose of incident reporting
  • Define and identify the criteria for the different types of incident reports
  • Incident reports
  • Serious incident reports
  • Identify information to be included when reporting emergency measures
  • Identify the reporting process and requirements
  • Reporting requirements
  • Mandatory reporting laws
  • Accurately complete an incident report form

Introduction to Developmental Disabilities

This is an introduction to the 4 Developmental Disabilities recognized for service delivery by AZ DES/DDD.

  • Complete an introduction to the developmental disabilities
  • Complete an introduction to the Mission and Values of DES/DDD
  • Be familiar with the principles of Respect Dignity and Positive Interactions including:
    • Social Role Valorization
    • Basic principles of Normalization
    • Basic principles of Dignity of Risk
    • Basic principles of De-Institutionalization
    • Least restrictive alternative
    • Inclusion
    • Individualization
  • Basic principles of the Developmental Model
  • Basic principles of the Self-Fulfilling Model
  • Complete an introduction to Communication with Families

Medication Basics

This course is an introductory level presentation on Medication Administration for Providers enrolled in the Arizona Medicaid Program.

  • Complete a general review of health and wellness
  • Be familiar with the common symptoms of illness
  • Review medication basics including:
    • Purpose of medication
    • Administration of medication
    • Prevention of medication errors
  • Review of medication side effects
  • Review of the guidelines regarding psychotropic medications
  • Review the role and responsibilities of frontline managers and supervisors
  • Gain skills and knowledge regarding the training and support of direct support providers