Do respite caregivers need to be trained and tested as DCW’s?

Questions and AnswersCategory: Direct Care Worker (DCW)Do respite caregivers need to be trained and tested as DCW’s?
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DCWs that solely provide respite care are not currently required to meet the training and testing requirements. That being said, it is advisable for DCW agencies to consider internally making this a requirement due to the fact that the provision of respite care is closely aligned with the provision of the attendant care, personal care, and homemaker services.
Per current AHCCCS policy, respite services may include, but are not limited to:

  •  Supervision of the member
  •  Provision of services during the respite period which are within the respite provider’s scope of practice.
  •  Providing activities and services to meet the social, emotional, and physical needs of the member.

As such, it is anticipated that the provision of respite care to an ALTCS member may necessitate the provision of the types of care outlined in AHCCCS policy as Direct Care Services (Attendant care, Personal care, and Homemaker services).

  •  General supervision
  •   Homemaker tasks including cleaning, laundry, food preparation and essential errands such as grocery shopping, securing medical supplies and household items
  •   Personal care including bathing, skin care, oral hygiene, toileting, ambulation, grooming, dressing, nail care, use of assistive devices, caring for other physical needs, and feeding, as necessary.
  •   Assistance with recreational/socialization skill development and training in activities of daily living.