How do I enroll in a class?

Questions and AnswersCategory: GeneralHow do I enroll in a class?
ptsadmin Staff asked 1 year ago
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ptsadmin Staff answered 1 year ago

Enrolling is fast and easy!
If you are paying for the class yourself, simply click the green “Get Started” button on the top on the page. Then click “enroll now” under the individual self pay option. You will then create an account to login and then can select the classes you want. You can enroll in both our in-person and online classes this way. This is also where you will find your certificate after you complete the class. You can also click here to get started.
If you are an Agency, then we need to set you up with a code. Please call us at 602-6980-7950. Once you have a code then you can enroll as many employees/students as you want. We will issue the certificates directly to you rather than the student in this case.