What is Autism?

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Autism is a major developmental disorder. It includes three major problems. One of them is a major problem with speech and communication. Another is a major problem with social interaction, social understanding and the third is a problem with behaviors, especially repetitive, stereotyped behaviors. Autism is a spectrum disorder so you can have very mild symptoms, you can have very severe symptoms and also there are often a lot of co-occurring medical conditions with it.

Some people with autism may have intellectual disability and some yet may be very bright. Many will have sensory sensitivities, hypo or hypersensitive to many different senses. Some will have poor muscle tone or poor coordination. Many of them will have GI problems. About twenty-five percent will eventually develop seizures; sometimes in childhood, sometimes in adulthood. There’s many different co-occurring conditions that occur along with the core symptoms of autism. The biggest part of autism is the lack of social awareness, social understanding.

Autism literally means living in one’s own world.
– Dr. James Adams, Ph.D